Serial number
3 Inch CD
Release date
31st October 2009




«Tommi Bass and BBSC ‘Textures from Berlin’ (rednetic). Another of those essential packages from those electro gurus over at Rednetic recordings. ‘textures from Berlin’ marks the sixth instalment in Rednetic’s uber limited 3 inch CD series – a series which so far has seen outings from the likes of Cyan 341, Wesen and Komponente. Again limited in number this three track release sees Tommi Bass collaborating with Berlin’s BBSC to provide what the label happily describe as ’something more cerebral’ in texture and design. Blimey they weren’t kidding for ’textures of Berlin’ could well prove to be the series’ best moment to date, blending deep trance calibrations with intricately layered mind weaving sound-scapes cross wired by minimalist Detroit house dialects, microcosmic grooves and an eerily impish playfulness that’s both kooky and creepy, ‘textures from Berlin‘ is as the label promises – cerebral boogie – its not your happy go lucky radiant jubilance here rather more its an ominous murder in the dark soundtrack – the chilling ‘bronze 2’ especially proving to be an aural adventure best explored in daylight with the lights on its deeply grooved chassis pitted with an ice cold alienated desolation and isolationist clicks is oppressively dark and distant. Mind you that said the wide screen aspects applied to ‘bronze 3’ lighten the mood somewhat though is still something of a lurking leviathan intent on wiping your brain matter clean. Still there’s always ’bronze 1’ a terra forming titan of sorts fusing hypnotic beats, shifting rhythms and brooding cavernous inclines. Release number 7 in the ongoing series should see the emergence of a three track outing for Gradient entitled ‘dispersing sectors’.»


«Following on from his excellent ‘Gamma’ album, also on Rednetic, Tommi Bass brings us an EP that takes his penchant for minimal techno and adds in a considerably more soundscape orientated feel to the chords and atmospheres. Crisp, tight grooves form the building blocks for all of the tracks here and varying degrees of depth, darkness and dub-laced attitude are used liberally to give it some real flow. The first track alone is a bit of an epic with a supremely nice, resonant texture that plays over the surprisingly funky rhythms. Added sample edits and a rollout bassline (think Minus, for example) really give it loads of life and movement. The second track uses an almost Plastikman-esque rhythm structure to back up the tense, metallic layer of shifting sound overlaid on top. This is easily the most stripped back and unusual track on the release and definitely gets a thumbs up from me as it’s a very different vibe. Finishing things up is the awesome ‘Bronze 3’ which comes in at eight and half minutes and throughout that whole time it simply rolls out in the finest of style. The more dubby of the tracks, it features, once again, those layers of sound along with a hugely spacious set of background textures which counterpoint against the micro tones that work with the percussion and bassline to keep it moving ever forward. I have to say this is my favourite release so far from Tommi Bass and as it’s another limited edition of 100 copies I’d strongly recommend getting in there. Quality vibes.»


«After his recent ‘Gamma’ album, Tommi Bass proved that he could still make techno music sound vital and intelligent even as he enters the “veteran” years. His latest release takes a similar bass-heavy and minimalist approach but augments it with sounds from Berlin, the city he now calls home.

Typically, tracks are numbered. ‘Bronze 1′ sets the scene in the familiar unsettling atmospheres featured in ‘Gamma’ but with the added Berlin recordings, they are given further chill factor. ‘Bronze 2′ is based around what sounds like an 80’s arcade game loop and seems to vary little but its click-clack rhythms and air of doom resemble a very sinister version of Kraftwerk. The track segues into ‘Bronze 3′ which includes more frequent punctuations of industrial noise, handclaps, vocal samples and some seriously bowel-shifting beats.

At only eighteen minutes in length, ‘Textures From Berlin’ is too short to really be appreciated. Yet in its limited timespan, its depiction of Berlin is nightmarish, exciting and beguiling all at once.»


«Only months after the release of his Gamma full-length, Tommi Bass returns (in collaboration with B.B.S.C. of Berlin) with three deep tech-house workouts in the appropriately-titled 3-inch CD Textures From Berlin, so named because the titular textures are actually recordings made around Berlin that were then incorporated into the tracks. As a result, a heavy blanket of industrial soot cloaks the thumping techno gallop and cycling bass pulse powering their way through “Bronze 1.” In the less piledriving “Bronze 2,” immense waves of distorted noise drench a midtempo jaunt, while “Bronze 3,” the strongest of the CD’s three cuts, finds Bass draping huge swathes of granular crackle and windy howl over an elastic and sweetly jacking pulse. The release’s concept works nicely to Bass’s advantage by adding an expansive textural dimension to rhythm-based tracks that, in his hands, are typically skeletal by nature.»


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